Who you gonna call?

(If you don’t know the answer to this then I doubt we could ever be friends.)

Or maybe my obsession with this film means I should be seeking less friends and more professional help? I don’t know or care. I absolutely love this move down to the depths of my soul. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and can basically replay the entire thing in my head on a whim. Don’t believe me?

There… I just watched it.

The first time I saw this movie was when my family rented a VCR from a fledgling Blockbuster Video in Connecticut, and it scared me to death. Not kidding. I didn’t know it was a comedy until years later, after I’d watched the cartoon and bought all the toys. As I grew up, I finally started getting all the jokes! Before that, I just thought my parents were demented from laughing so hard at all the terrifying things that were happening to those poor people in the film. The part that gave me the most nightmares was the New York Public Library ghost in the beginning, the lady who unfurls herself into a demonic mummy skeleton. To this day I still think about shutting my eyes at that part… but that hardly ever happens anymore.

My friends and I have talked about this (at length), and the one thing that doesn’t sit well after all these years is the portrayal of Walter Peck. He is essentially the bad guy in the movie, unleashing total destruction upon the city. But when you think about it he was just doing his job. These “ghostbusters” had an enormous, unlicensed, ecto-containment system that was a huge drain on the power grid. It was basically an unregulated machine capable of harnessing huge amounts of electro magnetic energy. All Peck wanted to do was inspect it and make sure that it wasn’t leaking toxic waste into the environment.

Sound reasonable?


But because Peck doesn’t have any people skills he’s labeled as the villain. This confirms the old adage, “It isn’t what you say but how you say it.”

In case you can’t tell by now there is no way I can give this an unbiased review of this film. It would be like dismantling one of my childhood toys… pointless and cruel, destroying a blessed memory. I love everything about this movie and everyone in it.

I even loved the sequel, and I cried when Harold Ramis died last February because of how much I grew to love him through this film (and others). Would I have liked to have seen a part three with the original cast? You bet! But some things will never be (even if the studios do drag something out, a sequel or a remake, there is no way it will come close to the original). Some things are sacred and should be left alone… at least in my book.