"No great thing is created suddenly."

So if you’re like me you readThe Shining for the first time ten years ago. And when you got done with that wonderful book full of brilliant story elements that didn't make it into the movie you asked yourself: “Say, what ever happened to that little boy?”

Well… Doctor Sleep to the rescue!

But get ready for a gritty ride through reality. So often in fiction, especially in the fantasy genre, we are given characters that go through horrific events and come out on the other end relatively unscathed. PTSD is rarely, if ever, a factor. So when Stephen King takes the next step in this story and faces these issues of trauma we get a refreshing take on the Urban Fantasy novel. Alcohol is Dan Torrance’s drug of choice. We start at rock bottom and feel every single step towards a better life. Does he beat his alcoholism? Do addicts ever fully recover? To answer this I’ll point you to “Sobriety is a journey… not a destination.”

The interesting thing is that we know precisely what haunts Danny: we read about it, we lived through it with him. And if ever there were a reason to pick up a bottle it would be that horrific childhood full of stories that would give any therapist nightmares. A few points along the way I found myself mentally enabling Danny to take a drink. I would catch myself thinking: “But he needs it! Just one to take that edge off!” And it was these thoughts, along with King’s knack for storytelling, that give us one of greatest novels dealing with the struggle of addiction. Anyone who has ever faced substance abuse issues will see themselves in this book and be drawn into Danny’s struggle.

Read The Shining first of course, but if you want to feel the aftermath in all its gritty details then Doctor Sleep is a must read for any fan of real, honest fiction.